Deep Tissue Massage in Dadar
Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage was a phrase originally coined by massage consumers to describe the amount of pressure they prefer. However, over the past several years, the term has been used by licensed massage therapists (LMTs) to name a modality of massage. A massage should be a relaxing experience and never painful. We encourage you to speak freely with our massage therapists about your comfort levels at any point during the massage experience.

Deep tissue massages come in a variety of forms such as trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy and integrative connective tissue work. All of these techniques can be incorporated into almost any modality of massage and any amount of pressure can be used.

Three types of Deep Tissue Massage:

  1. Trigger Point Therapy: Trigger point therapy alleviates certain paint points within the body. A trigger point is a a tight area within muscle tissue that will trigger pain in other points in the body. For example, if you have neck pain, it could trigger sharp or dull pain in the head. As a customer, we encourage you to communicate with your massage therapist about where you pain is located so that we may identify the exact location and relieve discomfort.
  2. Neuromuscular Therapy: This type of therapy concentrates an amount of pressure surrounding a muscle spasm. Our therapists are well-trained in the areas of alternatiing pressure applications around muscle spasm areas. Again, communicate with your massage therapist on your comfort level.
  3. Integrative Connective Tissue Work: Connective tissue massage aims to relax tight muscles and will improve blood flow and circulation. This therapy may be best for those who have tight, contracted muscles from repetitive movements due to work, hobbies and other frequent activity. This also stimulates the stretch reflex in muscles.

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